Greetings from London!  Yesterday we met at 5am to walk to St. Pancras Rail Station.  Once we were there, we took the high speed Eurostar train to Brussels, Belgium.  We arrived in Brussels and then we took a another train (medium speed) to the medieval village of Bruges.  We left our bags at our hotel, Hotel Acadamie, and then were off to explore Bruges.  During our 24 hours in Bruges we visited museums, shopped, took some tours, enjoyed waffles, chocolate, and some Belgian beer.  Most of all we enjoyed wandering the picturesque streets and canals and learning about Belgian history and culture. We also had a class meeting where each student discussed one thing they learned about on this trip that is related to the thesis they have been developing.  This afternoon we returned to London and had our final “Farewell to London” gathering at a local pub, the Plough.  We had some refreshments and talked about all of the things we have seen and experienced over the past week.  Everyone took turns sharing their favorite part of the trip. From Down House to Westminster Abbey to the Merry Wives of Windsor to Belgium to walking tours through the streets of London, there were so many experiences to pick from!  Tomorrow we will spend our last morning in London and then head to Heathrow for our return trip to Newark.  This has been a really wonderful group and we certainly enjoyed our time together.  It is pretty amazing to think back on all of the things we saw and learned and experienced together in just one week.  Thanks to the students for all of their hard work, their great attitudes, and for being wonderful to work with.  Dr. Firenze and I feel privileged to have shared this experience with you and we are proud of the way you represented SUNY Broome!  Cheers from London.

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