Greetings from London!  It was an extremely busy day for our BIO 293 team and we covered a lot of ground.  We started our day at Westminster Abbey where our guide, Mark, took us on a private tour specially designed for our class.  We learned about the rich history of the Abbey and visited the graves of not only Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens, but many other famous scientists and writers.  Mark taught us many interesting facts about how the theory of evolution changed society and culture and how the arts teach us so much about human nature.  It was almost overwhelming to be surrounded by so much beauty and history.  After our tour of Westminster Abbey, we met Dr. David Tucker for a walking tour of Dickens’ London.  We spent three hours walking the streets of London and saw many of the sites that inspired Dickens and were featured so prominently in Great Expectations and other works by Dickens.  It was a view of London that can only be seen on foot and we learned so much about this unique and fascinating city.  After our walking tour there was a bit of time to enjoy dinner and then we attended a performance of the Merry Wives of Windsor at Shakespeare’s Globe.   The show was very funny and the actors did a terrific job. Wow, what a great day. I think everyone is ready for some rest after seeing and doing and walking so much.  We are leaving very early tomorrow morning to travel to Down House, home of Charles Darwin.  We will return to London in the evening for a private tour of the Dickens’ House Museum.  Good night from London!

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