Greetings from London!  After an overnight flight from Newark to Heathrow, the spring 2019 BIO 293 class had our first busy day exploring London.  We took the tube from Heathrow airport to our neighborhood in Bloomsbury and left our luggage at the Acorn office.  We enjoyed a quick lunch in the park (what a perfect, gorgeous day!) and then hopped back on the tube to go to the Museum of London.  The students had each chosen a historical section of the museum to visit.  The Museum of London has sections devoted to: London Before London (450,000 BC – 50 AD), Roman London (50 – 410), Medieval London (410 – 1558), War, Plague and Fire (1550’s to 1660’s), Expanding City (1670’s to 1850’s), People’s City (1850’s to 1940’s) and World City (1950’s to today). The class had an hour to visit the museum and find something they were interested in within the historical sections that they had signed up for. Within their chosen section, each student picked an item to share with the class, and then presented on that item by linking it’s significance with the evolutionary themes and neuroscience concepts that we have been discussing in class.  We went through the museum together to listen to all of the student presentations. Although everyone was tired after the long trip and very little sleep, they did a fantastic job with their presentations and we had some great discussions about human nature and behavior.  When we finished at the museum we took a walk past St. Paul’s Cathedral and then headed back to the flats to get settled in.  We had a quick walking orientation to our neighborhood and then we split up to unpack, visit the grocery store, and find some dinner.  Everyone is ready for some rest but some of the class plans visit the British Museum since it is open late tonight.  Hopefully, after a relaxing evening and restful night we will all be ready for another full day tomorrow.  We will meet early in the morning and then head out for a “Darkest Victorian London” walk and a visit to Borough Market.  Cheers from London!

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