Hello from London!  Despite the forecast it was another beautiful day in London. We met early this morning for a class discussion in Russell Square.  After that we took the tube to Monument to meet our guide for our “Darkest Victorian London” walking tour.  We arrived at Monument a bit early.  Monument was designed by Christopher Wren and Dr. Robert Hooke.  It was completed in 1677 and serves as a commemoration of the Great Fire of 1666.  Monument is 202 feet tall and is exactly 202 feet from the bakery where the fire started.  The fire lasted for four days and destroyed 86% of the city.  There are over 311 steps inside Monument and some of the students went up to the top to take pictures.

Our walking tour guide, Richard, met us at 10 am and we spent just over 2 hours walking the city and learning about life in Victorian London.  Richard did a wonderful job helping us to see the remnants of the Victorians on the modern streets of London.  After our tour we headed straight to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater to see a production of Hamlet (http://www.shakespearesglobe.com/whats-on-2018/hamlet)

The play was wonderful.  Hamlet was played by Michelle Terry, the new artistic director at the Globe.  She and the rest of the cast were impressive.  We could certainly find many themes in Hamlet that fit our study of human nature!

We ended our busy day with a class discussion and some relaxation at The Plough here in Bloomsbury.  We are looking forward to another busy day tomorrow.  Cheers from London!

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